Thursday, March 6, 2014

Wilson -- 6 months

1/2 a year. My baby is 1/2 a year old. I don't even know how that is possible. In some ways, it feels like yesterday we were in the hospital but in other ways, I can't even remember our lives before Wilson. That's a total parenting cliche but it's so true. 

I could get all mushy gushy reflecting on these last 6 months, but I'm going to refrain right now. Not because I haven't been a big ole puddle of emotions, because I totally have. But I'd like to reflect a little more before I put fingers to keys. This motherhood thing is hard to put into the right words.

So without further ramblings, here is what baby Wilson has been up to this month. 

- Im guessing Wilson weighs 20 pounds 8 ounces and is 28.25 inches long. We go to the doctor next Monday, so we will see for sure then. 

- This kid is the best night time sleeper I could have ever asked for. He goes to bed between 9-10 and sleeps until 9-10 the next morning. I actually had to wake him up at 10:15 this morning. Who has ever heard of a baby who sleeps late? It's awesome because I am a total night owl and don't function right before 8 am. He will randomly wake up in the night maybe once a week. 

- Naps are a bit of a sore spot for me right now. Wilson takes a morning nap from 10:30(ish) to 12(ish) and an afternoon nap from 1:30(ish) to 3:45(ish), sometimes with a 30 minute cat nap around 6:30. Wilson fights his naps and needs to be coaxed to sleep. But once he is asleep, he is out. The thing is that I am still rocking him throughout each nap. Could I put him in his crib? Probably. But I love holding him, a lot. I know I need to break the habit soon. Not looking forward to it AT ALL. 

- Wilson takes a 8 ounce bottle at 9:30, 1, 4:30, and 8:30. Sometimes he drinks every drop but sometimes he will only drink 5 ounces. It's kinda strange and I'm slightly worried he isn't eating enough. But he is happy and doesn't act hungry so who knows. 

- Wilson is still enjoying solid foods. We do purees and small pieces of "real" food. I really want to do baby led weaning, so I'm trying to slowly phase out purees and introduce self feeding real food. Usually he eats a fruit purée or oatmeal in the morning. At dinner time, I give him puffs to play with while I cook. He surprisingly gets several in his mouth. Then he eats half a veggie purée and small bits of my food. He has tried beans, rice, noodles, celery sticks, tomatoes, beef, cheese and bread. 

- He is wearing 6/9 months, 9 months, and 6/12 month clothes. We got him a new spring wardrobe last weekend so it needs to warm up so I can dress him in his adorable new things. 

- Wilson is wearing size 4 diapers. We just got some pampers overnights for nighttime and I love them. We use target brand during the day and pampers at night. 

- The biggest achievement he hit this month is sitting up unsupported. He could for a few seconds before this month, but he can now sit by himself and play. He always looks quite accomplished and proud of himself. 

- He is still rolling all over the place. He is actually pretty over being on the floor. He wants to sit or stand all the time. Bouncing in his saucer or jump seat are his favorites. 

- Wilson is becoming so social. He laughs and smiles all the time at people. But he also hates being ignored or left alone. He will hold his arms out when he wants to be held. He does seem to get overstimulated sometimes, especially new places. 

- We got a new carseat this month. He was just about to the height limit on his baby carrier, so we got him a seat he can grow with. It goes up to 70 pounds and 45 inches, so he will be in it for quite some time. 

- Likes: Swinging, peek a boo, babbling, his toys, eating 

- Dislikes: the bathtub, diaper changes, falling asleep, too much activity 

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