Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday randoms

These posts seem so scatter brained lately. I don't know why I can't come up with something coherent to write. Considering I have to pass a "writing" exam in two days, my brain better be able to write something coherent. 

Which speaking of the writing exam, I just want to rant on how ridiculously stupid it is that I have to take the Praxis 1 to get into grad school. First, if I had gotten a traditional, undergrad teaching degree, my ACT score waived me from taking it. It should still he waived. And second, I have a college degree. I even graduated with honors. I think it should go without saying that I am proficient in reading, writing and math. It's ridiculous that I have to pay $150 and make the time and effort to take an exam that tests such basic skills. 

On the bright side, I realized the other day that since I majored in French, I have plenty of hours to get a K-12 French endorsement on my license. Which is kind of a random thing to be certified for along with my 4-6 license, but whatever. I'd be thrilled to teach French or elementary school. Or teach French in elementary school! That's kind of my (pipe) dream. 

Moving on, I ordered another dress from Rent the Runway. I'm kind of obsessed. This one is for Easter and it's another Kate Spade. I bookmarked 20 and then had my husband chose the one he liked best and it just happen to be another Kate Spade. Which is nice because I knew what size I would need. One of the things I like about the service is that I get a dress that fits me now without purchasing a dress that will (hopefully) be too big in a couple of months. I'm excited about it. 

And speaking of clothes, I am trying this thing called ThreadUp, a service where you clean out your closet and send them in for ThreadUp to consign. I had a closet full of clothes that haven't fit for years or that aren't "mom appropriate". I'm skeptical about how much money I will get back, but anything is more than just having the clothes sit in my closet. 

Wilson and I are going to spend a week in Southaven tomorrow. Caleb needs time to study for his comps (which are next week and graduation is in a month!!!! Crazy!!!) and I had to go up for my Praxis anyway, so I figured we could make a big trip out of it. It'll be nice to have someone cook for me and not have to worry with cleaning. And several sets of grandparents and great grandparents to help with Wilson. But I'll be the only one up with Wilson at night, if he wakes up. That may not be an issue at all or it could be hell. Pray for me that he sleeps well that week. 

We are taking Wilson to the zoo on Saturday along with several of his cousins and other family members. I'm excited but also a little intimidated by such a big outing. He hasn't really been on a big day trip before and I hope it doesn't stress him out. I'm most excited for the petting zoo so Wilson can get close (but not actually pet) to the animals. I think his Grammy is going to keep him either Friday or Saturday night so I'm sure Caleb and I will have a mini-date night. I'm really excited for that. 

Like I said, this is so completely scatter brained. Maybe I'll come up with something coherent next time. Not likely, but maybe. 

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