Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Mother's Day wish list

With the beginning of May, stores and commercials start reminding us that Mother's Day is quickly approaching. Usually this just means I attempt to remember to buy and mail cards for my mom and grandmothers. But this year is different. I'm a mom this year so I guess that means I get to be celebrated. 

I honestly don't want much for my first Mother's Day. I'd like to sleep late. I'd like to cook one of my favorite dinners slowly and quietly with a glass of wine. I'd like to  go to the park with Wilson and Caleb. Id really like for Caleb to help Wilson make some sort of "craft" but I realize that's pushing it, so I'd settle for a thoughtful card from them. Id like to stay up late and drink a good beer with Caleb after Wilson goes to bed. 

That's about as close to perfect as my day could be. It's not much, but it's what makes me happy. 

However, if my husband or anyone else reading this want to go above and beyond for me, here are a few ideAs. 

1. Herbs for a herb garden. We have an adorable window planter box outside under our kitchen window. It's currently full of weeds, but I have been itching to plant something in it since we moved in December. We went to look at plants for our flower beds over the weekend and there was a whole wall full of fresh herb plants and I knew what I had to do with my window box. I never cook with fresh herbs because they are slightly expensive  and never get used up but if I could grow my own, both problems are solved. I'm really excited about this idea. 

2. Perfume. I mentioned that I really wanted some on my birthday, but ended up getting other things. So I'm still in need of some. Yves Saint Laurent's Parisienne or Dior's Miss Dior are my favorites. I often struggle with feeling pretty or put together in my new mom role, but I believe in the power of beautiful fragrance to help anyone instantly feel better about themselves. 

3. A manicure or at least nice new nail polish. This kind of goes with #2. Prebaby, I almost always had my nails painted. Since Wilson arrived, I think I might have done my nails 3 times. I love a pretty manicure. Again, it instantly makes me feel pretty and feminine. I need more of that in my life. 

4. Cookbooks. I've been feeling a little uninspired in the kitchen lately. I really love trying new things but can't seem to find the "right" things to make at night. Most things I've been making just seem so plain and boring to me. I need culinary inspiration. Pretty much any style of cooking or cuisine would be alright by me   As long as it's fairly simple, reasonably quick, and big on flavor. 

Would it be too obvious for me to email this post to my husband? ;)


  1. In my old preschool and kinder classroom last year we did so many cool mother's day crafts and I kept thinking oooo one day my kid will be doing this for me (hopefully).