Sunday, April 27, 2014


I think every other lady-blogger I seriously follow is either pregnant or just had a baby. Just this week, 3 (!) blog friends had baby boys. It's crazy. 

Seeing all these fresh new babies all over Instagram has really opened my eyes to how much Wilson has grown. I know that at almost 8 months, Wilson is still "a baby" but he is so far removed from that newborn-ness. In the last month, his personality and abilities have exploded. He moves where e wants. He lets us know how he is feeling. He has teeth. He has strong likes and dislikes. He interacts with us. He weighs over 20 pounds. 

He just seems BIG and halfway grown up already. Everyone said when he was born that he looked and acted more like a 2 month old than a newborn. And I think he just kept growing 2 months ahead of schedule. I feel like his time as an itty bitty baby was so short. Too short. 

Don't get me wrong. I love my advanced kid. I love that he hits milestones early and easily. I love watching him grow. I think this age is my absolute favorite this far. Wilson is just fun to be with (mostly). 

But seeing all these new babes makes me want to turn back the clock, for just a minute. I want to hold that little bitty, fresh, new baby. I want to cradle hold him and watch him nap. I want to hear all those silly newborn grunts. 

Since time machines don't exist yet, the only way I'm getting that newborn period back is by having another newborn. Which believe me, I am counting down the days until we are ready for another. But for now, I'll just live vicariously through other new moms and look at the pictures from Wilson's birth 58482946 times a day. And dream of the day when I'll have newborn snuggles again, for just a short period. 


  1. Blake was over 9lbs at birth and people kept commenting how huge he was and that he didn't look like a newborn! Ah well