Wednesday, May 28, 2014

A day in the life #2

I wrote out our daily schedule back when Wilson was 4 months old. To say the least, our days are now drastically different. We have a really good routine at home and we follow this schedule every day. I'm having so much fun with Wilson right now. This almost 9 month old stage is just the best. 

8:00- Caleb leaves for work and wakes me up. I lay in bed and check email and Facebook. 

8:30- I hear Wilson wake up. He usually will play for 10 minutes and then starts yelling for me to come get him. 

9:00- While I make Wilson's bottle, he watches Sesame Street. He takes his medicine and slowly drinks his bottle while watching Sesame Street. 

9:30-10 - Play time in the living room. 

10:00- Wilson and I eat breakfast. 

10:15- He watches the last half of Daniel Tiger while I rock him to sleep. 

10:30-11:45- nap time 

12-1- Caleb comes home for lunch. Wilson eats some of whatever we have for lunch. 

1:15- Wilson has another bottle. 

1:30-2:15- play time. 

2:30-4:00- nap time. 

4:00-5:00- play time. 

5:15- Caleb gets home from work. Wilson takes a bottle and I start making dinner. Wilson and Caleb play while I cook. 

6:30- dinner time. Wilson eats vegetables and sometimes what we eat. 

7-7:30- We try to pick up and spend time together. Sometimes we go outside and play. 

7:45- Bath time. Some days he plays in the bath 30 minutes and sometimes it's only 10. It depends on his mood and how tired he is. 

8:15- Pajama time. Changing his diaper and dressing him these days is like wrangling a wild animal. It takes twice as long as it should. 

8:30- We turn the lights down and read a story. 

8:45- Wilson takes his last bottle and gets very sleepy. As soon as he finishes, I rock him and pat his back. He is usually asleep in 10 minutes. 

9-9:45- I watch tv while I rock Wilson. He seems to sleep much better if I rock him at least 30 minutes before I put him down. I don't mind one bit. 

10:00- I put Wilson down and get in bed. I get ready to do it all again the next day. 

That may seems overly scheduled, but it's really not. Wilson has lots of "free" play time and I'm not an absolute stickler for the schedule. But we are both happier the closer we stick to this. 

Also, someone asked me the other day what I do all day. And I replied that I take care of Wilson, attempt to keep the house clean, and cook. This person kind of rolled their eyes and said that there was no way a baby took up all my time. Very obviously, by what I wrote above, he does in fact take up all my time. He actually takes up more of my time and attention than he did when he was an infant. Keeping up with a crawling (and cruising, attempting to walk), learning, exploring kid is work. Exhausting, day long work. But it's also the best job I could ask for right now. 


  1. I hate the "what do you do all day" questions. I could easily punch someone in the face when I hear that. Try taking care of a teething baby all day and then ask me again.

    Wilson goes to bed so late. Blake is rubbing his eyes come 630 and we push it to 7 or 715 but it can be rough trying to get him to stay up later.