Thursday, May 8, 2014

Things I want to remember about pregnancy and birth

I don't know why I didn't write about my pregnancy very much. I loved being pregnant and I was incredibly happy and cheerful. Perhaps it was too busy enjoying life to stop and write it all down. But there are certain little things I would like to remember, for future reference. 

- In my first trimester, I craved sour things, especially lemons and sour candy. I'd cut up a whole lemon and put it in a water bottle, essentially drinking straight lemon juice. 

- I didn't have very much nausea. I took half a phenergan every night for about 6 weeks, but it was mostly precautionary. The couple of times I did actually get sick, I happened to be at restraunts.  It was a little embarrassing. 

- I never go to bed early, but for the first half of my pregnancy, I would go to bed between 7-9 every night. 

- I cried over some ridiculous things. I cried because I wanted some butter cream icing. I cried because I wanted a straw for my ginger ale. I cried because I missed Caleb when he went to work. But I usually only cried for a little bit, and then would laugh at myself for being silly. 

- I ate 58362956 turkey sandwichs from subway. Don't think I've had one since but I joked that I was going to give birth to a turkey melt. 

- For the last month of my pregnancy, I drank half a gallon of milk every day. We would literally buy 4 gallons a week.  I craved it non stop. Caleb would just stare at me while I pounded back glass after glass and it felt completely normal to me. I didn't realize how crazy drinking a gallon of milk in two days was. 

- I cried at every sonogram. And Wilson always had a fast heartbeat. 

- I "nested". I thought that was a silly notion until one day around 33 weeks I got an intense urge to clean everything! I probably did more than I should have moving and lifting things. 

- Caleb only missed one 15 minute doctors appointment. 

- I gained almost exactly 40 pounds, 12 of which happened in the last two weeks. 

- I had contractions regularly, but I didn't know that's what they were. I thought Wilson just had his foot or booty in a weird place. I didn't find out those were contractions until I was in the hospital and hooked up to the monitor and could watch the contraction waves. 

- I drank 2 liters of water every night and peed 10 times per night. It was a viscous cycle and I tried not to drink so much water but I could either be uncomfortably thirsty and not pee or drink and have to get up. It was a lose lose situation every night. 

- I had great nurses in the hospital. One was young and had dropped a baby a few weeks before. One had been a labor and delivery nurse for 45 years. One had a little girl with cancer. One was named pauline, which is my middle name. One was super preggo herself. They all were so helpful and nice to me and my family. 

- Speaking of family, my family took over the waiting room and birthing suite. My parents, brothers, and all 6 grandparents were there when Wilson was born. Caleb's parents and siblings got there a few hours later.  So we had like 15 people there for us. We kinda took over the whole labor and delivery floor. 

- From the time I decided to have a c section to the time Wilson was born was less than 1 hour. My doctor delivered Wilson on his lunch break. 

- My doctor went alligator hunting the night before Wilson was born. That is the most Mississippi thing I can imagine. 

- The morphine they gave me after the c section made me crazy itchy all over. 

- Caleb had to help me shower and go to the bathroom for about a week after Wilson was born. He did some gross things for me and I really appreciate it. 

There are probably more things and even more that I've already forgotten but I'd like these funny , small, tidbits written somewhere so I can look back and laugh in 20 years. Or give Wilson's wife some advice in 30 years. 

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