Tuesday, May 6, 2014

What our days look like

I am guilty of taking about 483 pictures a day of Wilson. I can't help it. The kid is cute. So here is just a sampling of what our days look like recently. 

Spaghetti for dinner was a hit, obviously. 

Post-nap sleepy eyes. 

We live a 10 minute walk from a park and we love it. 

Wilson is not very interested in his books. Our books on the bookshelf, however, are some of his favorite toys. 

He knows how to take a selfie already. 

This is what the living room looks like first thing in the morning. It is promptly destroyed. 

Passed out. Not sure how that's comfortable. 

He always has such an indifferent look on his face when we go outside. I think he likes it. Maybe. 

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