Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Around here

We had a nice, semi-quiet (because babies are never really quiet) weekend. 

We got Wilson ANOTHER stroller. This makes 3. But his other two were just not holding up on our old, uneven sidewalks. We were constantly getting stuck or nearly tipping over. So when we saw an almost new jogging stroller at a local consignment store, we jumped and bought it. And we are determined to get our money out of it. We have taken a walk every evening since we got it and I'm really enjoying it. It eve has built in speakers that I can plug my phone into and we can jam to Beyonc√© while we walk. 

I binge watched 'Orange is the New Black' in 3 days. Great show or greatest show ever? I'm obsessed. It's refreshing to see so many diverse women leading such a successful, thoughtful, and funny show. It's one of the few shows that will have me laughing and crying at the same time. So good. Go watch it. 

Wilson cut his 4th tooth over the weekend. This one seems to be bothering him a bit and he has even cranky and not sleeping well. Poor baby. He is going for his 9 month well visit and shots tomorrow. I hope that goes well. 

I sorted through all of Wilson's baby clothes yesterday. I'd put them away in boxes months ago, but I sorted them into keep and sell piles. I cannot believe he was ever that little. There is no way. I'm trying to talk Caleb into investing in a small sewing machine for us so I can make a quilt out of Wilson's old onesies. I've never sewn a day in my life, but there are lots of tutorials online. It can't be that hard and it certainly doesn't have to look perfect. 

There is a huge and awesome consignment sale coming up in Oxford that I cannot wait to sell all of our baby gear and some clothes at. It's kind of ridiculous how many things you buy for kids, use them a month, and then never again. I'm excited to get rid of the clutter. But honestly, I'll just use any money I make to buy Wilson more things and perpetuate the cycle. 


  1. Consignment sale? When?? Now I wanna go!
    How do you like the stroller? Kinda funny because I bought a new one a few weeks back because I found that one just too big and awkward taking out of my car all the time. It's great for running tho. It was a gift and we loved the whole travel system aspect of it for when he would be fast asleep and we could just clip his car seat on it and go shopping or whatever. Sigh. Those days are long gone