Monday, June 30, 2014

I live for the weekends

First, I'm going to get political for just a minute. If you come here to read about Wilson, just skip this part. But fuck the five assholes on the Supreme Court who think that one families' personal religious beliefs can dictate the health and well being of thousands of employees of that families' corporation. I am so angry over this. My bleeding liberal, feminist heart is breaking. I could go on, but for my sanity's sake I'll leave it at that. And Justice Bader Ginsburg is my home girl for life. 


We had a great weekend at home. For one, we bought a car!

It's a 2009 ford focus. It's definitely nothing fancy, but we got a good deal and we were able to afford it without trading in our current car. Caleb and I decided having two cars again was more important than one nicer car. We are currently fighting over who gets the new car. It has 4 doors (our current car is a two door hatchback) and cruise control! I've never owned a car with cruise control! We are really excited about it. 

We are in the thick of sleep training Wilson. I gave up on getting him to nap in his crib, for now. It's just not worth the tears and frustration right now. Night time sleep is our main concern so that is where we decided to put all our energy. We are doing a modified Ferber method (for those who know what that is). For three nights, we sat with Wilson closely and patted his back, held his hand, or rubbed his tummy while he fell asleep in his crib. It took nearly 2 hours the first night but by night 3 it only took an hour. He really didn't cry much at all doing this. He played around and goofed off a lot, which kept him up. He was actually pretty hilarious. He was sooooo tired but determined to stay up so he acted like a little drunk person falling down and stumbling and slurring his babbling and laughing hysterically at nothing. 

 After those 3 nights, we moved further back from Wilson's crib so we could still verbally comfort him, but no touching. This is where the shit hit the fan. He did not reapond well to this. He screamed the saddest and most pathetic cries for nearly half an hour. I've had to leave after about 15 minutes because it absolutely breaks my heart. He would reach out for me with both arms and cry for me. Every ounce of me wanted to pick him up and hold him. Thankfully, Caleb was there to remind me that this is for Wilson's own good and he didn't let me pick him up. I left the room and went to bed crying but Wilson quieted down and went to bed within minutes of me leaving. I'm so thankful for Caleb helping both me and Wilson through this transition. We are on night 3 of this stage. After this, we are to move by the doorway for 3 nights. I hope it is easier on us. 

On the bright side, wilson has been sleeping 10-12 hours straight in his crib at night. My allergies have been straight up awful so I have to take a Benadryl before bed if I want to sleep. Thank goodness Wilson has been sleeping so well because Benadryl puts me in a coma. Any medicine that lists drowsiness as a side effect always knocks me out. I'm just really sensitive to medicine that way. 

I don't think I've ever mentioned here how much Wilson adores stuffed animals, especially bigger ones. He has this Christmas bear and a pooh bear that he constantly hugs and kisses. It's so sweet. He sleeps with his Patty panda every night and chews on her nose. I always loved stuffed animals as a kid, so it's just super sweet to see Wilson love them as well. 

Wilson has 4 teeth now. The top two have a huge gap between them. It's so funny and goofy when he smiles. I think his top two incisors will be coming in soon, too. I'll be he has 6 teeth by his birthday. I'm also going to bet he will be walking with full force by then, too. He has been walking tons more this week. He will walk across the room unassisted and unprovoked. His balance is still a little off but I see him making strides (pun intended haha) every day. Gosh he is growing up too fast. 

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