Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Parenting confessions

Being a parent does strange things to a person. I do and say so really weird, strange things now that I would have never imagined. I can actually hear how crazy I sound sometimes, but that doesn't stop me. I think most new parents do these things, though. Why don't they write that in parenting advice books? 

Sometimes while I'm rocking Wilson and he has his mouth open, I'll lean in and smell his breath for just a second. Baby breath does not smell bad at all and it distinctly smells like Wilson. I kind of love it. 

To have 10 guilt free minutes to myself, I'll  "go to the bathroom" and just sit and read an article in a magazine. I even fake flush and wash my hands so Caleb doesn't know. Caleb would definitely give me some quiet time if I asked, but I hate to ask. My sneak bathroom method works for me. 

I'm planning Wilson's birthday party already. A party he won't remember. A party that he couldnt probably care less about. But I've spent hours on pintrest planning. 

I have a lot of opinions on diapers. I could go on and on about the best brand, best value, materials, etc. I really, really care about diapers. 

I've googled "is my baby a genius". I've also googled "how to deal with a slow learner". Probably googled on the same day. 

I count putting soap in his bath water as bathing him most nights. 

Puffs are baby crack and my kid as an addiction. Need to distract him? Puffs. Need to get dressed? Puffs. Need him to stop crying? Puffs. 

I kiss him on the mouth all the time. I get slobber in my mouth sometimes. I don't care one bit. 

I'm not a particularly religious person, but I beg the sleep gods every night before I go to bed that Wilson sleeps through the night. I seriously beg, plead, and bargain. Maybe I should offer a young goat. 

I take so many pictures of Wilson. Most of them aren't even of anything in particular. Just us around the house. But I would be devastated if I lost them. 

My parenting philosophy changes weekly. Drastically. 

I've banged Wilson against many a door frame. I also rolled him down some steps in his stroller. He managed to burn his finger and I have absolutely no clue how that happened. 

So, I'm not the only one, right? Maybe? 


  1. Haha so many of these I'm like yup! Just yesterday blake knocked a table over and a candle in a glass holder fell on his face and it looks like he has been punched right under the eye. I eat a lot of his puffs. They are so good! I stocked up not too long ago on gerber puffs at target because of their discounts and coupons made them really cheap

    1. Last week when we took Wilson to the doctor we were running really late and didn't have time to eat lunch, so the three of us ate a whole box of puffs in the waiting room. No shame.