Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The weekend

How is it the middle of June already? Summer is halfway over just about, or at least school's definition of summer because summer doesn't really end in Mississippi until early October. Time is flying. 

We went to visit my gran on Saturday. Her house and oxford will always be two of my favorite places in the world. She loved on Wilson and bought me and Caleb a new pair of shoes each. We were all spoiled. 

Saturday night on our walk, we had an accident and Wilson got a good bonk on the head. His little forehead is bruised and scraped, but it's healing quickly. I felt awful because it was mostly my fault but Wilson was fine just a few minutes after it happened. 

Wilson is still not sleeping well and it is slowly killing me. I don't think I've slept longer than 2 hours at a time in over a week. It's like having a newborn again. I know lots of moms don't get full nights sleep so I hate to complain. But Wilson started sleeping through the night around 2-3 months so I'm used to getting a full night or rest. I know it's only temporary but I wish whatever it is, be it teething or separation anxiety or just a sleep regression, would stop soon. 

Wilson has been much happier the past few days, though. He babbles and talks all the time, to us and to himself. He has started laughing whenever we laugh, even though he obviously has no idea why we are laughing. He also has started giving me polar bear kisses (aka Eskimo kisses. I renamed them because that term seems a little non-politically correct and perhaps even offensive to some). It's the cutest thing ever. 

The city of Cleveland is moving up in the world. We got a brand new Krystal that opens tomorrow and a Japanese to-go restaurant is opening next month. It's really sad how excited I am over both. Small town life at its finest. 


  1. I had to ask my husband where Cleveland is and he was like small town, Delta State. Something like that. His mom lives in Inverness and works in Indianola and to me that is SMALL but I like it. There's a job I'm applying for up there (fingers crossed!)

  2. Oh and my mother-in-laws friend said that Cleveland has this kick ass frozen yogurt place where on Fridays you can put as much yogurt and toppings in a cup as you want for $5?? Is that true??!! Because if so, I need to go there asap.

    1. I worked in Indianola all thru college. Cleveland is a bit bigger, though not by much. I'm from the suburbs of Memphis so moving here was a total culture shock, but it's crazy how fast I adapted. Now every time we go to Southaven or Jackson I get overwhelmed by all the stores and restaurants.

      And we do have a good froyo place. Two ex-TFA members stayed here after their service was up and opened it. I haven't been on a Friday, but I'll have to check it out now. They just started carrying custard, which is my husbands favorite.