Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What we call Wilson

All parents inevitably come up with nick names for their kids. I'm not sure what my parents called me, but I'm sure it was cutesy and adorable and slightly obnoxious. Before I was a parent, I would roll my eyes so hard at parents calling their babies "sugar muffins" or "baby bubba" or whatever.  It sounds dumb. It does. But as a parent, I now realize just how easily those words slip out of the mouth. 

Just another thing I swore I would never do that now feels 100% normal and natural. 

I'd say about 50% of the time we call Wilson by his name. Nearly a year and half after we chose Wilson's name, I still really like it. As a person who changes her mind constantly, this is a pleasant surprise. So half the time I call him by the name I gave him on his birth certificate. 

The other half is a mixture of his nicknames he has acquired over his 10 months of life. 

The second most common thing he is called is Bud. Sometimes Buddy but usually Bud. I'm not sure how or why this started, but we have been calling Wilson "Bud" since he was itty bitty. I quite like it.  It isn't an uncommon nickname so it isn't strange. It's even better because that's what my grandad (who Wilson's middle name Alva came from) went by. It's easy and special at the same time. I hope or grows with him and Caleb and I keep calling him Bud through the years. Plus, if we ever have another boy, Wilson and his brother's nicknames would make an awesome folk duo band name. (Yes, I think about these things.)

The only other thing I call him is "honey bun" or "honey bunny".  This started about a month before Easter. We were talking lots and reading lots about the Easter bunnY and I somehow came up with Honey Bunny. I call him this more when he is upset and crying for some reason. Caleb never uses this name. 

Caleb calls Wilson "little champ" or just "champ". Caleb is sooooo not into sports so I have no idea where this comes from. I never use it but I think it's pretty cute that Caleb has his own nickname for Wilson. 

This photo is completely unrelated to this post but I love this look he shot me when I distracted him from his morning fruit cocktail (packed in juice and water NOT heavy syrup, thank you). 

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