Friday, July 25, 2014

Four on Friday (because I'm lazy/boring)

1. My hair is falling out in huge clumps. I know postpartum hair loss is common, but it just started about a month ago. I'm constantly shedding. Dr. Google says it's probably hormonal or anemia related. I think I'm going to start taking my Flintsone vitamins again and see if that helps. Thankfully I have the thickest hair ever, so even with losing so much, it is still quite full looking. 

2. I've become addicted to 'Sons of Anachy'. I think gangs and organized crime are so interesting. I've seen every episode of "Gangland" and "Lockup:Raw".  In another life, I think I would work for the DEA (or maybe be a drug lord). 

3. I've decided to buy one more large container of formula and that's it. With that, we will have enough to last until right before Wilson's birthday. He has been doing great with cows milk from his sippy cup. I think he will be ready. Over the next few weeks I'm going to add a little milk to top off his formula bottles. Little by little, we will go to all milk. I also think Wilson is getting ready to drop his afternoon bottle. He only drinks maybe 3-4 ounces. So I think I'll just give him a cup of milk. I'm not in a hurry to drop his morning and night time bottles though. When his doctor said he should be down to at most 16 ounces by 1, I thought she was crazy, but Wilson is definitely showing less interest in his bottles. 

4. Wilson is going to get to meet his aunt and uncle and cousins from Missouri this weekend. We are going to Southaven tomorrow for a day so they can meet. I'm excited. I really enjoy showing my baby (toddler, really) off. 


  1. We are OBSESSED with SOA. The season finale had me bawling. I was literally screaming and sobbing when we watched it.

    My hair is still falling out a little. I have the fuzzies that are now growing in which makes my hairline look funny but at least it's growing back right? I read that postpartum women lose like 500 strands a day whereas most people lose like 100 or so. Very sad

  2. Sons of Anarchy is AWESOME! I love me some Jax Teller .... It get's a little predictable though. I like to joke with Scott that you know for certain in every episode there will either be a kidnapping, a fight with another mc, a biker chase, or maybe even all three.

    We just started watching Orange is the New Black last Friday, and we've already finished season two and are not so patiently waiting for season three next summer. I really kind of love Alex Vause.

    Y'all have some really great taste in tv shows :) I'm pretty sure I've read that you also like Grey's? I watched Greys in it's entirety last summer right before season 10 started, and I love it too. It's crazy, every once in a while I'll catch a rerun from season one on Lifetime, and everything is SO different now!

    If you're ever looking for something funny, I cannot recommend How I Met Your Mother enough. Minus the series finale, HIMYM is definitely the best sitcom we've ever watched, including (dare I even say it?) Friends. There are a lot of similarities between the two, I just like the story aspect of HIMYM more.

    Anywho, tv show rant over haha!