Wednesday, July 23, 2014

If I'm being totally honest

I've debated writing this down for a little while. Mostly because I'm not so sure of the end result and I don't want to come across whiney or ungrateful. But I feel like I've been keeping a bit of a secret. It's hard for me to say but....

I hate living in cleveland. Hate it with a passion. 

Ugh. There. I said it. 

I hate living here. There is nothing to do. Quite literally, there is nothing for families in this town. Our "park" consists of two swing sets and four slides. No public pool. No kid gyms or inside play areas. No mall or indoor shopping beyond Walmart. No movies. No museums. No library story time. No "mom and me" classes. Just nothing. 

On top of there not being any actives for Wilson, the schools here are not great. We are zoned for the best kindergarten in town but that school only has a 6 out of 10 rating. Most kids go to the private school but 1. we can't afford that and 2. it's really not much better. I have never wanted to homeschool but if we are still here in 5 years, then it's a real possibility. 

While we were in school at delta state, I could forgive Cleveland of its flaws. We were busy with school during the week and then could take off to Memphis, Jackson or wherever on the weekend to do fun things. 

And don't get me wrong. I love Cleveland. I really do. It's where Caleb and I started our life together and where Wilson was born. Caleb has a great job that he enjoys at our alma mater. I like a lot aspects of living in a small town. We know lots of people and everyone is so nice. It's not Cleveland's fault that the everyone with the means is moving OUT of the Delta. Cleveland does the best with what it has to work with, but sadly, it's just not enough. I want more than cleveland has to offer for my son. 

All of my friends live in either a larger city or the suburbs and I constantly find myself jealous of their Instagram feeds. Their kids get to experience so many fun things daily! Even if they just go to Kroger, their Kroger is 3 times larger, has those car carts, offers samples to try and doesn't have a homeless man harassing them for money. (I really do feel horrible for the homeless in Cleveland, but they are slightly aggressive and it makes me very nervous going to Kroger alone). They have multiple parks with multiple play grounds per park. There are indoor malls. And that is just what my friends do with their kids regularly. I won't even go into their trips to the children's museum or the zoo or aquarium or Gymboree. I'm so jealous. Not only would I loooooove to get out of the house more but I am dying for Wilson to have fun, engaging, social activities. We don't get out much in cleveland because there just isn't anywhere to go. I can only walk around Walmart so long. 

I hate that I want to leave. Because it's never going to get better if all the young, educated, middle class families leave for greener pastures. It Takes commitment and dedication to improve the community. And I'm so sorry that I can't stay and do that. But for my sanity and my son's growth, I need more. 

So what does all that mean? It means we are keeping our eyes and ears open for new opportunities. We know we want out, but we aren't sure where just yet. Maybe Southaven. Maybe Jackson. Maybe Oxford. Maybe Little Rock. Maybe Idaho. We aren't sure. But we do know Cleveland isn't our final destination. 

Non related-

We finally made it to our community "splash pad" yesterday. I was a little underwhelmed but Wilson thought it was the greatest thing ever. He played so hard splashing and wading around. He even played with some of te other kids. We will definitely be going back very soon. We have to get him some swim diapers. He got a horrible diaper rash from it. 


  1. Move to Brandon and our kids can be BFF's lol. I've always said I want to live in a small town but honestly, I don't know if I can do it. I already feel like there's nothin to do here and this area is pretty big

  2. I typed the first comment in the car waiting for my husband so I couldn't type much.

    The school system here terrifies me. I keep seeing ads for homeschooling and online schools and I hate that I'd even consider that for Blake but with Mississippi being the WORST STATE IN THE COUNTRY for education, I'm so tempted. Why am I worrying about this when he isn't even a year old yet?

    The mommy and me thing... have you thought about starting maybe a facebook group? I'm sure there are more moms with kids around Wilson's age that wish the same thing. It has to start somewhere. I thought about doing something like that but like a lot of things I plan on doing, I never got around to it. Yet I still complain. Hah.

    We are moving to Pearl within the next few weeks (we are tired of living on a really busy street) so if you guys are ever in this area or want to get away for a weekend, we are living right near the Pearl Outlets and baseball park and have a spare bedroom. Now I sound like an internet stalker. Creepy. But yeah, my facebook is

  3. I completely understand about the small town life! Scott and I moved from Water Valley to Maryville, Tn, and it is a whole new world up here. We're about twenty minutes from Knoxville now, and we both love it. I do miss living right down the street from everyone. My great-grandmother, grandmother, mom, and sister all lived on Blount Street by your gran's house, and that has been an adjustment.

    At least Cleveland had a Walmart. WV did not, and everything closed at nine. That has absolutely been the best part of our move. If I need anything at 9:01pm I don't have to drive thirty miles to get it.

    Y'all should definitely check out this area. We have some of the best school systems in the country. The Knoxville Zoo is not as awesome as the Memphis Zoo, but they're working on it constantly. We are forty minutes from Dollywood and Splash Country and thirty minutes to UT. I don't have kids yet, but has several groups for moms in Knoxville and Maryville. The crime rate here is non-existent.

    Scott and I go to Cade's Cove and have picnics on the weekends, and it is so beautiful there. I love that Maryville is at the foothills of the mountains. We aren't actually in the mountains, but almost everywhere here has a mountain view. And we have four seasons! MS usually has two; Summer, and that weird season that's kind of fall and kind of winter.

    I always thought we would end up closer to home, like in Memphis or Southaven, but I don't think I could ever move back. Everyday on Facebook, there's a report of a shooting or a car jacking in Memphis, and it's just not like that here. I realize not everywhere is like that in Memphis and Southaven, there are some really good neighborhoods, but it is just a different world here.

    Anyway, food for thought!