Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Let's talk baby names

First, I AM NOT PREGNANT! We are NOT "trying" (I hate that expression). While we find ourselves talking about baby #2 quite a bit, there are certain things Caleb and I both want to accomplish before we add another little person to our family. Just so we are clear. 

I love talking about baby names. I'm not sure why I find them so fascinating, but I love them. And I won't lie, I will seriously judge you based on your baby's name. 

I think most couples having babies these days want an original or unique name for their baby. I get that. I did, too.  But there are two major groups. Those who want an unique "new" (Jaiden, Aria)  name and those who want an unique "old" name (Wyatt, Ruby). I'm most definitely in the latter group. 

So I thought I would share some of my favorite baby names. We are 90% set on baby #2's name if it is a boy. For a girl, we cannot agree on anything! We know for sure that we want to use family names, so that eliminates A LOT of my favorites. I'm ok with that but I'll still always have a soft spot for certain names. 

Family names marked with an * 



Those are some of my favorites. Who knows what baby #2's name will actually be. We were 99% set on another name for Wilson up until the moment we weren't. Sometimes things just click and you realize the baby in your belly has a name you've never considered but it feels just right. 


  1. First of all, I too love talking baby names! I love the name Emilia for a girl. Second, Scott and I are set for our future baby's name, boy or girl. It took us forever to agree on a girl's name, and when I say forever, I mean literally years. We've had a boy's name picked out for a long time, though.

    If we have a boy we really like Carson James Sisk. We love the name Carson (I picked Carson because I had this thing for Nancy Drew when I was young. Carson Drew is her dad), and James is Scott's middle name, his dad's first name, and my great-grandfather's name.

    For a girl, we've picked out Penelope Anne Sisk. I love Penny for a little girl and Penelope for when she's older. Anne is my grandmother's name, so we've had Anne locked in for a while. Finding a first name that we both like has been awful. When we saw the name Penelope, we both looked at each other and just knew that was it, but for a while it was a toss up between Eloise Anne (Ellie) or Emilia Anne.

    I am not pregnant or "trying" (I hate that expression also, along with "we're pregnant"), but I do have a touch of baby fever right now. The absolutely adorable pictures you post of Wilson do nothing to help that!

    You have a very beautiful family, and it's so crazy to me that we have husbands and babies or are thinking about babies when it seems like it was yesterday we were playing house on the "little hill" at Mrs. Baggets dreaming of the days we could make it on the "big hill". :)

    1. Aw. Thank you. My little family isn't much but it is my pride and joy. :)

      I love your baby names. Carson is my youngest brother's name so I especially like that. It looks like we have similar taste. One of my friends just had a baby and gave her son a (to me) ridiculous name and it was so hard for me to keep a straight face. I know everyone has their own style, but I can't help but roll my eyes at some names I hear. Haha.

      Caleb and I started talking baby names before we were married and we are STILL yet to find a girl name we both like. We had one if Wilson had been a girl, but later we both admitted that neither us liked it that much. I have a gut feeling that we will only have boys, so maybe that won't be an issue.

  2. I love literary baby names. Oliver, Arabella, Hinley, Holden, Lennox, Charlotte, Evelyn... but it got old having to explain to my husband what book each name is from and why I liked it and what the character was like, etc. He's all about country boy names - Colt, Brantly, Cody, BLAKE.