Saturday, July 12, 2014

Saturday randoms

New episodes of Daniel Tiger came out on netflix on Monday. I haven't been that excited in a loooong time. It made my week. I usually let Wilson fall asleep for nap time watching Daniel. Sometimes, 45 minutes after I've put him down, I'll realize that I'm STILL watching Daniel Tiger. O, mom life. 

We have conquered sleep training. We now put Wilson in his crib at bed time and he cries for maybe 5 minutes tops and then sleeps for 12 straight hours. He has been sleeping from 9:30 pm-10:00 am for about a week now. It is the most amazing thing and I am so glad sleep training worked for us so well. We are all so much happier. 

Since Wilson has been sleeping so late, we cut down to just one nap a day around 1 or 2 pm. He isn't taking a longer nap than usual, but it is working out well for him. 

While Wilson was with my parents, they created a juice monster. He loooooves juice now. He was drinking about a cup of water a day, but if I add just 1/4 cup of juice to it, he easily drinks 2 cup fulls a day. I can barely even taste the juice because I water it down so much, but Wilson adores it. He loves strawberry kiwi, apple and grape. 

I also let him try cow's milk for the first time yesterday. I was having a cookie and milk and I always share my drinks with him. He came over and obviously wanted some of my drink, so I let him try it. O man, he loved the milk. He drank huge gulps and smacked his lips. I know he isn't "supposed" to start cow milk until he is 1, but if his tummy isn't upset this weekend, I may start giving him just a little each day while still giving him all his formula. But I'm not going to lie, the sooner I can transition him off the formula (and bottle), the happier I will be. Formula is expensive and constantly sanitizing bottles is annoying. 

Caleb is only working 3 and 4 day weeks this month, so we are enjoying the extra daddy time! We were going to go to the splash pad yesterday but it rained all day. So we took a family walk in the rain. I'm sure we looked crazy but it was fun. Wilson kept licking himself trying to drink the rainwater. 

I got 4 containers of portebella mushrooms for $2 and 15 pounds of chicken breasts for $30 at Kroger today. I feel so accomplished and pumped up. Couponing/finding deals is addicting and like a game I must win. I love good shopping days. I feel like I'm definitely winning the stay at home mom game this weekend. 


  1. He looks so much like you in the last picture.
    Couponing is addictive. I always get happ when I find great deals on wipes and diapers

    1. Getting good deals on diapers and formula is the best. I love target because they let you stack coupons and promotions.