Saturday, July 5, 2014

The 4th of July

Wilson is off with his grandparents this weekend, so Caleb and I got to act like "normal" young twenty-somethings for once. Even though I miss Wilson tons (and I talked about him all day yesterday to anyone who would listen), I really enjoyed getting out of our normal habitat and going a little crazy. 

After we dropped Wilson off with my parents, we headed east to Starkville to visit my brother. Being a tried and true Ole Miss fan, I have never spent any time in Starkville. I had some fairly negative preconceived notions about it, but it is actually a nice town. There were tons of local restaurants, which I loved. There were also lots of places to just hang out and lots of bike paths and outdoor activities. It certainly isn't my beloved Oxford, but it beats the pants off Cleveland. 

Once we got to my brothers, we went on a beer run (at 2 in the afternoon! Haven't done that in a looong time) and watched the Brazil vs Colombia World Cup game. I'm rooting for Brazil so I was happy they won. 

After the game we went to eat at Mugshots in downtown. I had a buffalo chicken sandwich with batter fries and it was soooooo good. The fries were amazing. Really, really amazing. 

We headed over to my brothers boss's house at 8 because he lived right next to where the fireworks show was. It was so fun just hanging out and drinking. I'm a really extroverted and social person. I light up around new people. It was good for my soul to make some new friends and take a shot (or three....). 

We didn't get home until 2 in the morning so we crashed hard today. I made some beef stew, but that is all I've done today. I'm currently binge watching "The Fall" on Netflix eating said beef stew. It's a good day. 

I'm not even going to lie, I'm excited to go get my little boy tomorrow. We will probably go swimming again and have dinner with family. Best weekend. 



  1. So Starkville is a good town? We want to go there. My husband is a huge state fan and I wanna get him tickets to a game this season but I'm not sure if I can handle being in a stadium with crazy fans. We haven't been there yet but go up to Louisville to see his best friend and I think that's kind of in the same area. I like the idea of dropping my kid off for a weekend to just have some one on one time with my husband but the thought of him being at my inlaws house.... without me there... I dunno. I have trust issues.