Monday, July 28, 2014

The weekend

I'm currently rocking Wilson for his nap and praying the ATT man doesn't come and wake him up. Our neighbors cut down some limbs this weekend and cut our internet cables. Thankfully we were gone all weekend, so we didn't miss the internet. But I depend on netflix to entertain Wilson long enough for me to shower and something crazzzyyy just happened on my show and I NEED to know what happens. Hopefully the cable man will come this evening and fix it quickly. 

We had a great weekend in Southaven. We stayed with my parents Saturday and Caleb's Missouri family got in on Sunday. Wilson had so much fun with everyone. He got to see all of his grandparents, half of his great grandparents, his aunt and uncles plus all the cousins (I'm not exactly sure of their proper relations to Wilson. Great aunt? Third cousins? I don't know. It gets confusing.) from Missouri. Wilson can be a little shy around new people at first, but as soon as he warms up, he is the biggest show out. I think he already knows he is the center of attention. 

I didn't get in the pool this time, but Wilson had so much fun watching everyone else play while he splashed in his float. 

Wilson made friends with my mother in laws huge cat. The cat probably weighs just as much as Wilson but the cat was so gentle with Wilson. Wilson is pretty good at being gentle and soft but at one point he had the cat in a headlock trying to give him a hug. So funny. 

I mentioned to my patent that I was thinking about getting Wilson a small chair for his birthday when my dad went and pull this out of the attic. This was my rocking chair when I was little (there's no doubt because I engraved my name all over the arms of the chair). It's a little big for Wilson right now, but he likes sitting in it. I can just imagine him a little older, rocking and looking a his books on our (future home's) front porch. It melts my heart. The chair is in really good condition and is quite sturdy so maybe one day my grand kids will be using it, too. 


  1. That pool looks so nice. I feel like it's getting hotter and I hate being outside now. I think I could manage if I had a pool.

    That chair is awesome. My mom and dad saved so many toys and baby things that me and my brothers had and it was really special getting those things for Blake. Somehow those toys survived me and my two brothers but Blake has already broken a few things. He's like a mini hulk who likes to destroy everything in his path