Thursday, July 3, 2014

Wilson -- 10 months

Double digits! Two months away from ONE!! Goodness. This month just flew by and I have a feeling the next two will, too. 

- I have no idea how much Wilson weighs. I'll guess around 24 pounds. He is 31 inches long, also by my estimate. The tape measurer they gave us in the hospital when he was born only goes up to 30 inches and he is a bit longer than the tape. 

- The doctor got on to us for giving Wilson so much formula, so he has cut back to three 6 ounce day time bottles and then one 8 ounce bottle at bed time. It's still more than the doctor reccomended we give him, but I'm trying to scale him back slowly. 

- He is still eating like a champ. Three meals and a snack (or two) every day. His favorites this month are oranges, peaches, plums, cauliflower (yuck), broccoli, and hot dogs. I think he may have gotten burnt out on carrots and sweet potatoes. The only thing he has tried that he doesn't seem to like at all is eggs. He has had them 3 times and barely touches them (I don't blame him. I hate eggs and their weird texture). We are going to try fish soon. 

- Wilson is wearing 12, 18, and some 24 month clothes. Still in size 4 diapers except the Kroger brand. They run really small. Might be moving up to 5s soon. 

- He is still taking 2 naps a day. Morning nap from 10-11:30 and afternoon nap from 1:30-3:30. He is fighting them so hard right now. He might be trying to tell me he is ready for just one long nap. 

- Night time sleep has been a doozie this month. At the beginning of the month, he had a huuuuge sleep regression. He was waking up every hour and impossible to put down. It was rough. So Caleb and I decided we needed to teach Wilson to learn to put himself to sleep and to comfort himself. We are still in the thick of sleep training, but I think it is working. He has slept soundly every night since we started. 

- Wilson has two top teeth and two bottom teeth. His top two have a hilariously big gap. I think he is about to cut his top incisors. 

- Just this week, Wilson has decided to quit crawling and has started walking. He gets better at balancing and navigating every day. He is going to be fast soon. 

- He is getting really good at giving kisses. He makes a kissy noise with his mouth that is so cute. He only kisses me sometimes and never kisses Caleb. His favorite things to kiss are his stuffed animals, the dog (on the nose), and his reflection in the mirror. 

- He nods his head yes and shakes for no. I don't think he knows what it means, but he has the command and the motion down. 

- He is babbling lots. He is also throwing fits when he doesn't get his way. 

(Those eyelashes!!!)

- Likes: Daniel Tiger, eating, evening walks, when his dad comes home from work, the pool

- Dislikes: diaper changes (they are TERRIBLE and I dread them), nap time, getting off schedule  


  1. I have no idea how much formula he really wants / needs. Blake is getting three 8oz bottles a day but doesn't really like water all that much. I'm lucky if he'll drink 3-4oz of water a day. I end up having to give him 2oz juice with 3-4oz of water for him to drink more. I know he has to be thirsty. Maybe I'm overthinking things.
    Sleep training is terrible. I hate it. We put him down drowsy and he falls asleep at night just fine but naps are another story. I have to hold him until he is pretty much asleep and then put him down or he will not go down. I see pics on facebook of friends saying "he just played so hard and then fell asleep on the floor!" and my kid has NEVER done that. He has never just fallen asleep on the floor somewhere. Who are these kids?

    1. Our doctor wanted Wilson at 24 ounces at 9 months and down to just 16 by his birthday! I thought she was crazy when she told us. I'm trying to cut him back slowly but I think Wilson may just be a fatty and want more. Haha.

      And I have no idea who those babies are either! Wilson would play all day and never sleep if I didn't make him nap.