Monday, August 18, 2014

A happy place

We had the best weekend. We spent the entire weekend with my Gran in Water Valley and it was just what I needed. It made my heart so happy. Wilson and his Gran got to spend lots of time together. Caleb and I had some fun time for ourselves. 

Saturday we went shopping in Oxford. Belk was having a good sale and I got Wilson 7 pairs of pajama for $20. I would have gotten more, but it was mostly things for little babies or girls. The 24 month boy rack had the smallest selection. We also got Wilson a pair of Nike tennis shoes and a pair of red Chuck Taylor's as his final birthday gifts. They are adorable and he looks so much like a big boy in them. 

My sewing machine was sitting on our doorstep when we got home last night. After it took me an hour to thread it, I got the hang of the very basics. I stayed up way too late playing with it. I'm so excited to make something. 

I've been in a weird mood lately, but I can really feel myself coming out of it. I'm excited for school and all of our upcoming plans. I'm having so much fun with Wilson and even when he drives me crazy, I just love the kid to death and want to be with him always. Caleb and I are in a good, steady, happy place in our marriage. Not that we have been unhappy, but things just feel extra good right now. There is so much going right and to look forward to for our little family. I often struggle with being content with what I have but if I never have anything else in life other than Caleb and Wilson, I think that would be just fine. Well. Caleb, Wilson, and another baby one day. 


  1. Happy first, well I guess second now, day of school!!

    I really need more bigger sizes of clothes. I found an "upscale" consignment store in Madison online I'm going to check out so hopefully they have some good things there