Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday thoughts

I'm currently sitting in bed eating a huge bowl of sugar free cherry jello and drinking a PBR. It's been that kind of a Monday. 

Wilson had so much fun with his Grammy and grandpa this weekend. Wilson is especially find of my sister in law. We call her Wilson's girlfriend because when she is around, he only has eyes for her. It's adorable. She is going of to college next week (!!!Say what??!!??!!) and I know Wilson will miss her when he goes to visit his grandparents. Clinton is only an hour and a half from here, so I hope we will be able to go visit her sometimes. I'm so excited for my SIL. Freshman year of college was one of the best times of my life and I can't wait for her to experience college life. She is actually going on a sports (soccer/track) scholarship so I hope with all that commitment she still has some free time for shenanigans on the weekends. 

We bought Wilson two birthday gifts and an adorable birthday outfit on Sunday. We got this neat bean bag chair and a toy that he fell in love with last time we were at Walmart. We will probably buy him several more things before his birthday. I really love buying other people gifts and buying Wilson things makes me infinitely happy and excited. 

Wilson will be 11 months tomorrow. I don't know whether to cry or jump for joy. This stage is so much fun. I love playing with him all day. He is developing such a sweet personality. I just love it. I don't want him to grow, but the bigger he gets, the more fun he is. It's a mother's catch 22. 

I start school in 2 weeks! I'm excited but quite anxious. We have such a good family rhythm and routine. I'm scared of messing that up. I'll only have class on Thursday nights because my other classes are online, but still. I'm nervous that it will throw our balance off. Caleb decided to pursue another masters degree instead of the doctoral program. He is starting the geospacial program full time in august, too. I'm glad he decided to do that because a doctoral program would have kept us here for 6-10 more years.  No thank you. After this semester, both of our programs are online, so if we do move, we can both finish online. 

The Mosquitos here are so terrible. I think all this mild weather we have been having has made super mosquitos. I'm covered in welts and poor Wilson has two on his forehead. Whenever we buy a house, a screened in porch will be a necessity. 

These photos have nothing to do with this scatter brained post. And my kid has freakishly long legs. 


  1. That's exciting about school and really awesome you just have to be on campus one night a week. I hate the Mosquitos and bugs here :( I lather blake up in an infant sunscreen / bug repellant day and night and it seems to do the trick