Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sewing 099

That's right. I need sewing 099, as in remedial sewing not even ready for sewing 101. I'm that terrible. 

My instruction booklet, which was tauted as "very helpful" in every online review, might as well be written in Italian. It's like "step one, insert bobbin" and I'm over here like "WTF IS A BOBBIN!???!!?"  It's been a frustrating few days. 

Once I got the machine threaded, I jumped to the "starting to sew" section. Again, more assumptions that I have some sort of basic sewing knowledge. It took me a day to realize that I didn't have to push my fabric through, that the machine will sew a pretty straight line without me doing anything. That revelation made things infinitely better. 

On my third day, since I could thread the machine in minutes AND sew an even seam, I decided to start my first project, Wilson's onesie quilt. I started with this because 1. The tutorial said it was super easy and a great "beginner" project and 2. I really want to give it to Wilson on his birthday. 

I started last night and halfway thru destroying Wilson's baby clothes, I started panicking. What have I gotten myself into? I just ruined probably $100 worth of clothes! What if it doesn't turn out and I have to hear Caleb bitch about how I wasted $100 worth of clothes? 

After cutting nearly 90 squares (only halfway thru realizing my rotary cutter blade was super loose, which is why I wasn't getting straight cuts) I felt so overwhelmed by my project. 

This is normally where I would call it quits. I'm a big giver-upper. I don't tend to stick things out when shit gets tough. 

But I said screw it and started sewing. Even though I had (have) no idea what I was doing. I knocked out two (of 10) rows last night. Are they perfect? Not even close. But that's ok. I shut out the make-it-perfect-or-quit voice inside me. I'm praying it comes together and doesn't look like a 10 year old got loose in Hobby Lobby. But I'm making the damn thing and I will learn the basic functions of my sewing machine. 

Also praying that when Wilson is older, he will appreciate the time, thought, and frustration I put into it. If my liver fails in 20 years, I'm placing a lot of the blame on this project. Wine makes perfection a lot less important. 


  1. This post made me laugh!! Aww. Sewing seems so hard. I think I need a hobby besides running and watching teen mom