Friday, August 1, 2014

This week

I am so ready for this weekend! Wilson has been so clingy and whiney this week. He is cutting a tooth and I know he doesn't feel well, but good god he has tried my patience this week. He is fighting naps and wanting ME to hold him constantly. I even contemplated getting his baby wrap out of the closet, but he is well beyond the weight limit and I figured he would be 10x fussier if he fell out of the wrap. On the bright side, I've gotten in lots of cuddles with Wilson. He is quite the charmer with his little kisses and hugs. 

Wilson is going to spend the night with my mother in law tomorrow. She works in special ed and goes back to school next week. She wanted to keep Wilson before she goes back to work which is fine by me. I know a lot of new parents are hesitant to let their kids spend the night away from home (I was one of them) but I trust my in laws and my parents. I'm very grateful Wilson has such loving and involved grandparents. Having just one night with my husband every month or so is so refreshing and rejuvenating for us. We are going back to our college bar tomorrow for the first time in almost a year. We used to go play trivia (and get wasted) there every Wednesday night. Those days seem like ages ago. 

Yesterday, Wilson had a little left over milk in his cup from the day before. I thought I would just try putting his formula in the cup with the milk to see what happens. To my surprise, Wilson sat on the couch with me and drank most of it. I did the same thing in the afternoon, and he took it again like it was no big deal. So, if things keep up, we are bottle free during the day now!!!!! I'm still doing the night time one just because it's a big part of Wilson's night time routine. And the routine is working for us and I do not want to mess that up. Our walmart quit carrying the only cup he will use (of course) so I've been searching for them everywhere. I'm hoping target will have them. 

We officially booked Wilson birthday party at a pizza place in Southaven. I am so excited. I'm trying to find a cute birthday shirt or outfit for him to wear and we still aren't sure what his gift from us will be. I can't wait for future birthdays when Wilson will be just as excited as I am. I've always been a big fan of celebrating birthdays (or birthday weeks) and it'll be nice to have someone else share in my excitement. 

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