Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wilson -- 11 months

I think I'm probably going to cry every day between now and Wilson's birthday. I cannot believe my baby is getting so big. I cannot believe he has a whole year of life behind him already. I feel like this year has just gone by in a big blur. I'm just a big puddle of emotions. 

- I'm guessing Wilson weighs around 24.5 pounds. I have no idea how long he is, but I'll guess around 32 inches. 

- Night time sleep is still awesome. He goes to bed awake, but sleepy around 9:30 and sleeps until 9:30-10:30. 

- Naps are still weird. Since he sleeps so late in the mornings, he doesn't take a morning nap. Afternoon nap is always between 1-2 and he sleeps about 2 hours. Sometimes he takes a quick cat nap around 5, but that seems to actually make him more cranky so I try not to let t happen. He still isn't napping in his crib most of the time. 

- We quit day time bottles last week and he is doing great with the switch to cups. He takes 6 ounces of formula with 2 ounces of milk from a cup when he wakes up and again around 4. He likes to watch Sesame Street and lay on the couch while he drinks. At night, we still do an 8 bottle with formula and milk. 

- Wilson is usually a great eater. He has days where he won't eat much, but usually he eats 3 meals and a snack every day. I'm thinking about teaching him to use a spoon soon. Some of his favorite foods are sweet potatoes, deli meat, fish, green peas, broccoli, peaches, bananas, buttered toast and pasta with tomato sauce. 

- He is wearing 18 and 24 month size clothes. Some of his 12 month shorts still fit but all of the t shirts and onesies are way too small. I told everyone to buy him size 2t for fall. I personally like his clothes, especially shirts and onesies to fit bigger. Just seems more comfortable to me. 

- Still in size 4 diapers, but I think we will go to 5s when we run out of 4s. 

- Wilson is doing great with walking. Everyone kept telling me that I was "in trouble" when he started walking, but I think life is much easier now. Wilson seems happier that he can move around for himself so well. I caught him standing on his tip toes today trying to look on the kitchen table. He learned how to stand up from sitting on his own this month. He doesn't have to pull up anymore. 

- Wilson is a pro at making funny noises with his mouth. He Mimics what we do and it's amazing how fast he learns. He clicks his tongue, makes a kissy noise, makes a "bluuubbbbluuuub" sound with his lips, and lots more. He will also growl at us when he chase him around.

- With him imitating sound so well, I would have thought he would be saying more words, but he doesn't. He babbles a lot, but nothing in particular. He says bababa a lot and says mama when he is whiney. He squeals and shrieks when he is happy. 

- Wilson learned to dance this month, though he doesn't dance to most music. Only hip hop really. Caleb blames me for that. He will sometimes "sing" along with Daniel Tiger or Elmo, which is the sweetest thing. 

- Likes: Sadie (the feeling is not mutual), when daddy comes home, evening walks, Elmo and Daniel Tiger, eating

- Dislikes: diaper changes, naps, getting in trouble (like he did in this picture because he tried to eat some dog hair off the couch) 


  1. I am dying over the last picture haha poor guy. I wish blake slept 12+ hours! I am beyond jealous. He's ready to party early.

    I got some 24 mo fall and winter clothes but I don't know how fast he will grow out of them. When does it start getting cooler here? We came here a few days before Christmas and the day we got here it was unseasonably warm like 70 degrees or something insane like that. Then I remember it getting pretty cold in jan and feb.