Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Wilson lately

I know Wilson's one year update is coming next week but I can't help but write about all the new things Wilson has been doing lately. It feels like he does something new almost everyday and I love watching him learn. 

Wilson learned to wave bye bye a few weeks ago. Instead of waving, he just opens and closes his hand, but he knows what it means. Last night I was waking out the door to go to class and I told him bye and he waved all on his own, without promoting. He mouths the words "buh buh" but doesn't say them out loud. No idea why he won't say it. 

We took Wilson to the Mississippi Children's Museum over the weekend for an early birthday present and he had the best time. He loved being able to run around wherever he wanted and touch everything. He really, really loved around other kids. I think he was more fascinated by the othe kids than anything at the museum. Ever since Saturday, Wilson had been 10 times more talkative than ever. I think picked up on the other kids talking and he wanted to be one of the big kids. He is so funny babbling. And yelling. So much yelling. 

He is saying his first word. Not mama or dada or baba. But dog. His first word is dog. More accurately "daaahhhg". He is constantly chasing Sadie around yelling "daaa daaahhhg daaaahhhg". He also has a touch and feel book about dogs that he calls dog. He has always been an animal lover, so I guess it makes sense his first word reflects that. 

Speaking of books, he is still obsessing over them. He is constantly bringing me books to read to him. His favorite is called "The Very Lazy Ladybug" that has lots of jungle animals in it. We point to all the animals and he makes the animal sounds with me. He can hop like the kangaroo and roar like the lion. Sometimes he will grrrr like the bear or make the monkey noise but not always. Be he knows what to do for the kangaroo and lion. It's pretty amazing how fast he learned that. 

It is so much fun to watch him make such progress. But it also confirms that my baby isn't so much a baby anymore.

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