Friday, September 12, 2014

I'd like some cheese to go with my whine

I am so freaking tired. We have had zero down time in over 2 weeks and I am on empty. This post is probably going to be whiney. Forgive me. 

We took a disastrous trip to Pearl Tuesday night/Wednesday. We left cleveland much later than we intended. My iPhone GPS is a moron and took us to the wrong place. The hotel seriously fucked up our room. Caleb realized at 11pm he had a homework assignment due at 8am. Wilson did not want to sleep. Everything went wrong. The whole point of Wilson and me going with Caleb was to have a fun time together. No fun was had by anyone. We did manage to go by Old Navy and TJ Maxx and score some deals. I guess that made the trip worth it. Kinda. Not really. 

I ordered Wilson a Christmas shirt with his name on it and some Christmas pajamas. The shirt is size 2t but it is TINY. I'm not even sure if it would fit him now. It's also not great quality, especially for how much I paid for it. I was really excited about it, but now I'm just mad. The Christmas pjs look small, but they are stretchy and should fit. Hopefully. 

Some days I really wish I was working, but right now, I'm really thankful I'm not.  Between my classes, Caleb's classes, Caleb's work, Wilson, our house, and our weekend commitments, I feel like if we added one more thing to our family plate, we would all lose our minds. I'm really, really, really hoping Caleb finds a job making more money that will allow me to stay home for a bit longer while also giving us more financial breathing room. 

Wilson cut his 7th tooth quite suddenly. He didn't have any signs of teething and I feel like the tooth just appeared over night. His 8th tooth is not being so easy. I can tell it's hurting him and he isn't feeling well. He gets diaper rash and an upset tummy when he teeths, so that is always fun. (Not). 

To top it all off, next week my professor is lecturing on "Breaking Bad". So I have a week to finish a season and a half. I'm slightly annoyed I have to rush thru it. I'm also thoroughly unconvinced of the show's greatness and kinda pissed we are spending a week on it. I'd much rather discuss something else. I realize this is a stupid thing to be mad about, but my bad mood knows no limits. 

Here is Wilson being adorable. 


  1. I never understood the appeal of breaking bad. We watched a few episodes and gave up. Your trip down here sounds like our trip to the coast last month. Rough. Hotels and babies do not mix. Throw in two dogs and you can imagine how bad it was at times