Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wilson -- 13 months

The month of September flew by in such a flash. I'm several days late on this because I didn't realize we are already well into the month of October. Slow down, time!

- Wilson weighed 25 pounds and 8 ounces at the doctor's office. He is 33 (!!!) inches tall, which means he is a freakishly tall 13 month old. I think he has a long torso and his legs from his knees to ankles are quite long. 

- He is wearing 2t shirts and 18 month pants. 

- He eats 3 meals plus a snack every day. He is down to a cup of milk just twice a day. 

- He goes to bed around 9 and wakes up between 8:30 and 10. He wakes up at a different time every day. He takes one nap from 12:30 to 3:30ish. 

- Wilson got sick for the first time this month. It sucked. 

- He still isn't saying words but he is babbling lots and the babbling is sounding closer to words. 

- He now grabs my hand or shirt and guides me to what he wants me to do. 

- He uses a fork when he eats now. He isn't particularly good at getting things onto his fork, but he does well getting it into his mouth. He loves using it. 

- Likes: Blues Clues, animals, eating, outside, books

- Dislikes: diaper changes, being told no, 

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